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  • 100 Things I’ve Learned So Far
    * This list is constantly being revised, rethought, and reconstructed as life goes on.  A couple of years ago I became two decades old. The...
  • Self-Curation: Identifying themes in your own work
    If you look through any artist's body of work - and I'm not strictly talking paint here; this could be a filmmaker, novelist, poet, photographer, or any other creative individual - you should be able to identify a theme.
  • Everything is both infinitely unlikely and entirely inevitable.
    Nobody really talks outside of their circle, or even really makes eye contact, or contact at all. But for this brief moment your lives have intersected, although in a largely inconsequential way. Even to sit in the same room as a stranger is to be part of their periphery - to be their extra, their ambience.
  • “I am missing it all.”
    "The subjects are inexhaustible, the possibilities infinite. It is only a matter of going to look."
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